The best roof defense you can get

There is no better product for roof coating

If you're using any other polyurea product for roof coating, you're doing it wrong.

ExpandoThane Polyurea is the best material on the market for coating roofs. It's more durable, easier and faster to apply and costs 5 times less than any other polyurea product.

Need more convincing?

The polyurea membrane is highly durable and weather proof. It fills all voids, dries up instantly and leaves no pinholes. Also, there's no need for primer as with other polyurea products.

  • More durable than any other polyurea product
  • 5 times cheaper
  • Expands up to 7 times in volume in 30 seconds

We supply all the necessary equipment, materials and spare-parts to get you started. We deliver globally to Europe and Russia.

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Aromatic polyurea

Aromatic based products are characterized by their high performance and are therefore used in various application areas worldwide. A remarkable technology for elastomers with a range of uses limited only to your imagination. With its strength and adhesion characteristics and its ability to resist abrasion and corrosion, it goes on fast and stays on long

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Aliphatic polyurea

Aliphatic based polyurea products are characterized by their high performance in exterior applications and are therefore used in various applications needed color stability. Formulation and the resulting performance characteristics of polyurea products are adjusted for the respective application areas.

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Polyurethane foam

Spray polyurethane insulation foams. Open cell and closed cell products.

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PolyureaShop offers a variety of  High Pressure Plural Component Spray Foam Equipment, that will spray all types of Spray Urethane Foam and Polyurea. PolyureaShop offers specialy designed spray foam equipment that will allow you to adjust for the higher heat and pressure needed for Polyurea with the ability to lower the heat and pressure for the needs of Spray Urethane Foam.

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