The ultimate
roof defense


ExpandoThane Polyurea is the best material on the market for coating roofs. It's more durable, easier and faster to apply and costs 5 times less than any other polyurea product. It's also the only polyurea designed especially for coating roofs. 


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Spray the surface area Surface is coated with 1 mm of ExpandoThane. ExpandoThane expands to 5-7 mm for ultra protection.

ExpandoThane Polyurea is more elastic and has excellent adhesion. This means that you, the contractor, can give better guarantees and sleep better at night! Also, there's no need for primer. This is why it's 4 times cheaper and a lot faster to work with ExpandoThane polyurea than any other polyurea product. This is also the reason why all contractors start using our product after they hear about it.

In addition, our polyurea product gives excellent protection against radon gasses, it's water proof and stays elastic in all weather conditions and temperatures. It fills all voids, dries up instantly and leaves no pinholes.


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