BlastJacket is a high strength energy absorbing polyurea designed to deliver extensive elastomeric resiliency when subjected to explosive energy forces. It is a military grade formulation which possesses extremely high material tear strength and superior toughness. When subjected to an exothermic explosion, the BlastJacket’s molecular geometry is pushed to a very high energy state enabling it to absorb the kinetic energy of the blast's shock wave. It will provide containment of its underlying fractured substrate peventing the debris of shrapenal fragments. Military testing has demonstrated blast pressure rates in the order of 250 psi/ms performance at 0.25" thickness. There are 2 primary super-polymer formulations used in military protection applications. BlastJacket - which is used for explosive blast containment and BallisticJacket which  is designed to stop armor piercing bullets. BallisticJacket is constructed as a spray, cast or as a composite fabrication. Material thicknesses of the polymer’s are dictated by the required level of protective performance along with application specific required substrates. Typical material substrates include very high strength steel, 6061 Aluminum, UHMWengineering polymers, fabric composites, masonry and concrete. Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, spray machines, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

Tear Strength ASTM D624 550 lbs/ linear in.
Impact ASTM D2794 >300 in. lbs
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 3610 psi
Elongation ASTM D412 >500 %
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 45-50
Abrasion -TaberCS17 ASTM D4060 25 mg/1k cycles
Gel Time Time 2-5s
Mix Ratio PBV 1:1

TECHNICAL APPLICATION DATA BlastJacket is a two component 100% solids formulation which does not contain VOCs. Skin thickness has no limitation. BlastJacket must be applied using a 2-component high-pressure liquid pumping spray machine. Proper safety wear is mandatory. Surface application temperature ranges from 0°F to 150°F. Spray cure time 2-5s. Surfaces must be prepped for cleanliness and/or may require the use of an adhesion promoter primer to acquire superior adhesion. Functional operation temperature ranges from -40°F to 250°F. Final top-coat appearance is glossy smooth. Coverage at 16 mils is 100 sq. ft./ mixed gal or 9 sq.ft. at 1/4" thickness. Adhesion Results of Typical Substrates per ASTM D-4541 Elcometer

Concrete- Primed >300 psi Concrete cohesive failure; excellent bonding
Steel- Primed >1000 psi Excellent bonding
Wood- Primed >250 psi Wood failure; excellent bonding

Preparation of substrate surface prior to the application of BlastJacket is extremely important as durability is only as good as the weakest link in the coating system. Concrete must be fully cured and should be prepared with a sandblasting, diamond grinding or machine sanding depending on the severity of the concrete surface condition. Similar proper preparation must be performed for metals. Primers also require this proper preparation. Always power clean using mild detergent prior to sanding, etc. Call TechSupport Group for assistance with selecting Polyurea application system. Also read the Application Page on this website. If patching concrete, use our mineral filled fast-set Acrylic Modified Epoxy applied by trowel. For expansion joints, use Joist Seal applied by hand cartridge dispensing gun. It is always best to perform a test within a small section of the application area prior to full scale engagement.

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