ExpandoThane   is a tough durable expanding spray Polyurea material which produces a resilient flexible skin to protect roofing from harsh environments. It creates a unitized membrane which bridges gaps on rough terrain, seals around openings and covers surface obstructions. This durable elastic toughness is primarily used in demanding environments such as industrial and commercial roofing, industrial structural surfaces, undercoating/sound protection, waterproofing and underwater containment. Much of these tough skin applications are also utilized within military, aerospace and marine industries. The foamed skin produces a non-hydroscopic closed cell structure which may be formulated to 3 different densities to accommodate for the wide range of versatile applications. A Class 1 Fire retardant formulation has been designed to permit the use of this tough elastomeric skin in areas requiring safety demands.

The foamed skin nominally yields 4x to 7x volumetric expansion with excellent adhesive characteristics. This unique product offers solutions such as to bridge expansion joints, filling voids and skinning non-uniform non-continuous adjoining surfaces. ExpandoThane is operational in -40 to 250F environment. It provides excellent thermal insulating capacity and water resistance. Reaction cure times have been designed for 10-30 seconds under normal temperatures.

ExpandoThane provides a unique blend of properties which yield excellent mechanical and thermally efficient structures. They deliver good tear resistance, toughness and impact resistance. Energy savings paralleled with its sound absorbing capability has widened its application use in the architectural and building construction industries.

Application of this product may be used over existing EPDM, vinyl, concrete, wood or metal substrates. It has been designed to quickly repair damaged and leaky industrial flat roofs. It may be applied using either a standard 2-component liquid pumping machine for large job spraying or using a hand-held pneumatic 2-component cartridge gun for small handling small jobs.

ExpandoThane is also used as a foundation water-proofing membrane on commercial and residential building structures. Its toughness and elastomeric properties aim this product to solve many coating solutions in unique applications as it provides resistance against incidental ripping and puncturing. It is excellent for above or underground uses. ExpandoThane seamless weather-proof membrane when used as an underground foundation sealer bridges foundation cracks, provides a barrier against radon gas creates a dielectric blanket and is chemically not affected by earth alkyls, salts or mild acids. ExpandoThane is applied directly over clean masonry and concrete.

Please contact our Customer Service and Technical Support Group for any questions or to provide direction with specific selection of a material system, questionalable target surfaces, operational procedures, material pumping/spray machines, spray/pour guns, safety protection gear and clean-up kits. Please refer to MSDS for material safety information.


Physical Properties

Tensile Strength D412 1395
Elongation D412 300%
100% Modulus D412 1300
Tear Strength (PLI) D2240 162
Hardness (Shore D) D1737 30
Flexibility (1/8" Mandrel) D1737 85
Flashpoint (F) Pensky-Martin >200
Taper Abrasion (mg loss)
CS18 Wheel 1kg per 1000 cycles 22
Hail Stone E822 Pass
Thermal Resistance Summer Flow R 2

ExpandoThane is to be applied by a Hot High Pressure Plural Component Machine
A – Side Temperature 120 Degrees F
B – Side Temperature 120 Degrees F
Hose Heat – 120 Degrees F
Pressure at Machine – 1500PSI
*Temperature degrees and pressure may need adjusting due to ambient temperature

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