FastKick Gun

FastKick Gun

The FastKick Gun Cartridge system is the cleanest, easiest way available to apply spray Polyurea or foam as it requires no complicated machinery, just an Air Compressor.

There is virtually no clean up of the FastKick Gun as no materials actually go through the gun when applying spray Polyurea, the material is pushed through the disposable cartridges with throw away Static Mixer

If you have not completely used the full cartridge while applying a Spray cartridge simply let go of the trigger, the plural component material will harden in the disposable Static Mixer which acts as a seal until ready to use again. Simply remove hardened disposable Static mixer, replace with a new static mixer and start spraying again.

The Front of the Static mixer is an air assist atomizer, the higher the PSI the smoother the application. Polyurea Waterproofing usually requires 45 PSI on the atomizer. You will have 100 PSI going directly into the gun.

No mixing hoses are required. This lessens the chance of contamination and eliminates any daily clean up.

The Fast Two minute cure allows you to spray everyting in a single pass. After you have sprayed there no chance of wash off of material or need to go back at another day taking the chance of spraying over moisture.

Simply spray perfect polyurea and throw away disposeable cartridges. Forget messy clean up.

The FastKick Gun requires an Air Compressor of 5HP 220V electric or 8HP Gas.

Polyurea cartridge


With FastKick Gun you can spray: RockHard polyureas, ExpandoThane, EPS HardCoat and insulation foams.

Available aromatic polyurea colors: Black, Blue, Pewter, Grey, desert tan and aliphatic white

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